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Stars of Quentaris - Michael Pryor

My Quentaris books are really about the importance of family. 'Stars of Quentaris' marks an important point in Nisha's life. The death of her parents has weighed heavily on her, and the events in this new book are a chance for her to see if she can come to terms with this tragedy. At the same time, Tal has his own troubles to deal with. 'Stars of Quentaris' lets me explore how these two young people deal with the troubles of the past while coping with the challenges of the present.
A missing star? A fabulous reward? Nisha and Tal are ready for adventure!

With the well-meaning assistance of Tal’s musical mentor Esbandalon, Nisha and Tal are matched against hordes of other treasure seekers in a helter-skelter race to find a missing celestial visitor. But first they must face pursuit by Voiceless Rin and his brigade of ruffians.
‘Hearken, good citizens of Quentaris!’ cried Manasseh, the chamberlain, from the balcony of the Archon’s palace. ‘On this fourteenth day of the month of Leffen, your Archon has an important message for you all!’

Nisha Fairsight stood in the crush in the Square of the People with her friend Tal.
Curious, they’d followed the crowds streaming through the streets towards the square and the palace. From the chatter and hubbub, important news was afoot.

Nisha stood on tiptoes. ‘Is the Archon there?’ she asked Tal.

‘No.’ He looked around at the milling crowd. ‘But it seems like everyone else is.’

Manasseh cleared his throat, shook the scroll in his hands, and continued. ‘Your Most Beneficent Archon is offering a reward for information.’

This caused a stir. Everyone knew the Archon was changeable of mood, sometimes indecisive, sometimes quick to take offence, sometimes hard to fathom, and often unpredictable. It was also common knowledge that he was extremely stingy. While he didn’t mind taxing the citizens and businesses of Quentaris, he was loath to spread that money around. A reward put up by the Archon? More than a few in the crowd pinched themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

Astonished mutters ran through those gathered in the square. Several urchins hurried off to fetch adults. People climbed on the marble statues scattered around the square or cupped hands to ears to hear better.

Nisha managed to drag Tal through the throng and scramble onto the plinth at the base of the statue of Baron Arlingea, the hero of the Battle of Orlondy River. From here they could see over the crowd to the palace balcony.

Manasseh gathered himself. ‘The stars above our great city have sent a message to your brave Archon. A star is missing and must be returned to the heavens. Your Archon is offering one hundred gold royals to anyone who can find it.’

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