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Dragonlords of Quentaris - Paul Collins

A major component of a shared world scenario is building on the world as it exists. Only in this way can it evolve, become more colorful and real. So too with the characters. If every new Quentaris book created new characters, then the books may as well be set anywhere. Keeping all this in mind I try to use characters and places already depicted in previous books.

In Dragonlords of Quentaris I concentrate on the famous rift guide Rad de La’rel and his fiery partner/booking agent, Tulcia. Other characters you’ll read more about are Nisha, the fire magician, and her minstrel friend Tal; Hulk Duelph, the city’s best swordsman, and Lord Chalm Eftangeny, the Archon of Quentaris. Newcomers to this particular book are two-headed universal swindlers, the Fendoni, and the war-mongering race of the dragonlords, and their rebellious victims, the Udari.

One thing that Quentaris fans love about the series is the action. I hope there’s enough of that in Dragonlords of Quentaris to sate the thirstiest of appetites!
Rad de La’rel is about to sign a trade agreement with the devious Fendonians when he is captured by sky pirates. Sold into slavery, he becomes a pawn to the all-conquering dragonlords of Udari. When he returns to Quentaris it has been invaded by the very creatures Rad has escaped from. Worse – nearly every citizen is wearing a slave’s neck collar. Can the famous Quentaran rift guide release his people from the grip of the invaders?
Rad de La’rel looked out over the red slate rooftops of Quentaris. They had once been his domain. His rooftop days as a watcher on night vigil had been nothing but work. Although they had been boring, he did feel a pang of regret that those days were long behind him.

He looked about his new second-storey dwelling that also served as his office – not that he couldn’t afford a separate dwelling. It was just that working and living in the same building saved time travelling to and from work.

He hadn’t done so badly out of his inheritance, Ever since his great-great-grandmother Nathine’s bracelet had bestowed upon him the power to guide others through any rift cave of his choosing, he had become comfortably wealthy in a very short time.

Adventurers from around the world — and from the rifts themselves — sought his employment. Demand had now exceeded supply, so Rad had instructed his booking agent, Tulcia, to only accept assignments from royalty. This at times left a gaping hole in his schedule, but he no longer needed to work. He did so more out of loyalty to his ancestor than to feed himself. He was jarred from these lethargic thoughts when Tulcia barged into the room.

Rad swung his feet down from the table. ‘Tulcia How many times have I told you to knock? This is a business, now. After hours...’ he shrugged, ‘no door knocking, but – ’

Tulcia bristled. ‘I’ll knock you if you keep that up!’

Rad scowled back at her. Should he remind Tulcia who the boss was in this relationship and who employed whom? Definitely not a good idea when she was in one of her moods.

‘Well you’re here now,’ he said. ‘What is it? The king of some unpronounceable kingdom wishes my guidance to the most inaccessible rift of all? A prince?’

‘None of that,’ Tulcia cut in sourly. ‘Not even royalty.’

‘But I’ve told you, Tulcia.’

‘I don’t pay much attention to what you tell me half the time,’ Tulcia said. ‘If I did, we’d be out on the streets again. Me mucking out the stables for old Stanas, you sitting bored witless on the roofs looking hopefully for sky pirates and Zolka.’

‘Not so much of the “hopeful”, Tulcia,’ Rad said, rankling. ‘You forget that I, and I alone, alerted Quentaris to the last pirate raid. Fought and defeated one in mortal combat. They haven’t been seen since!’

Tulcia rolled her eyes. ‘How could I forget? You tell me and anyone who will listen every second day.’

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